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Our most popular annual event has now evolved into a photography and music festival
Cameras... settings... models... music... Action!


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Hein Waschefort- spring splash strip 1000

VSScreative photoshop - Hein Waschefort 400

Theory on colour, light in water, curvature of light and scatter.
Introduction to underwater equipment - still camera, video camera, aquatic camera, housings, lights and strobes.
- Use and understanding of cameras and strobes.
- Test buoyancy and familiarise with camera.
- Photograph models in water.
- Snorkel or scuba.

2 day swimming pool sessions with braai

R1000 including use of VSS underwater cameras on 2 day swimming pool sessions.

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Open Water diving course is also presented during this week for VSS students at Atlantis Scuba Academy in Pretoria North at a reduced cost.

3 September: VSS Certificate - Black and White darkroom

29 Aug 2015: Understanding Photoshop

19 Sep: Spring Splash Pretoria - Photo Event of the Year

30 Aug: Creative Portrait and Photoshop

Lightroom: Managing digital workflow, file extensions & keywording. Take editing to its limits in Lightroom and know where/when to step to Photoshop.
Photoshop on the run: Pre-edit 'fine tuning' (Levels, Curves & Exposure) - all the popular tools - monochrome - duotone - colour - Mastering: Filters - Layers - Effects - Sharpening and resizing

R600 RSVP before 30 July only 8 seats available

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Shoot portraits art at VSS studio. Manipulate monochrome portrait for character sharpen/soften in stacked layers. Manipulate portraits for cubism, surrealism and expressionism using filters andlayers.

R800 RSVP before 30 July only 8 seats available

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VSScreative darkroom - Hein Waschefort 400


hein waschefort - VSScreative - cubism



This course is aimed at the discerning photographer who practises photography as an art form with the printed image as a testimony to the photographer’s creativity.
The archival darkroom print is the most acceptable medium to represent the photographer/artist at art galleries worldwide.

VSS Creative College, Pretoria which boasts the biggest comprehensive B & W darkroom in SA.
Because of the intensity of course we can only accept 6 delegates.
Course is presented by Hein Waschefort

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14-18 Dec 2015 Intensive Photography Course at Nieu Bethesda

24-28 September 2015: Underwater Photography Course

Visual Skills School's annual adventure trip to Sudwane. We are not only going to blow bubbles, we are going to explore Northern Kwazulu and do lots of PJ, travel, landscape model/glamour and nature photography. Of course we will have beach braais, volley ball and sundowners. VSS 'scuba' students will do their qualifying dives during this week.


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VSScreative - Hein Waschefort 400 Sudwana 2

Early December 2015 Various Studio/Photoshop Courses in PE

4 Oct - 13 Oct: Sudwana Scuba week

31 Oct - 1 Nov: Creative AV in 2 days

Understand and write creative script. Shoot and gather images for storyboard. Edit photos and create files with masks. Create title and credit slides. Import and manage transitions. Edit sound. Produce final show for different platforms.

R1200 RSVP only 10 seats available

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