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......VSS's iconic photo trip of all trips 25 June - 16 July 2016

Day 1&2 Sat 25 June - Mon 27 June
Pretoria - Upington (940km)
Pretoria- Augrabies Falls National Park

Saturday: Depart 05h00. Brunch- picnic on the road.
Arrive Upington ± 17h00. Pitch camp  Augrabies.
Dinner- Bobotie
Sunday: 06h00: Coffee & rusks & cereals- an extended Nature and game drive 'The Wilderness Road' picnic at Orange River Gorge view point.
Dinner- Bush braai (mixed grill & pap).
Photograph- Splendid desert lanscapes, Orange River Gorge and wildlife en route. - Tutored practical: Landscape and the polariser.



This all inclusive trip combines of the best African travel adventure with amazing photo opportunities and hands-on photo instruction from Hein Waschefort assisted by Visual Skills School lecturers

all photos below taken on VSS safaris to Namibia by students and lecturers - Trip caters for VSS students, there might however be extra space and tag along options for keen photographers, do enquire at

VSS Creative Photo and Art College - namibia trip 2016

DAY 8&9 Sat 2 July - Mon 4 July
Luderitz - Sesriem (465km)
Into the desert
Saturday 05h30: Coffee, rusks & cereals. Take down camp.
Before sunrise seascapes and then to Garub Pan in search of the mysterious ‘Wild Horses of the Namib’.
Lunch- hot dogs en-route
Pitch camp at Sesriem
Visit Sesriem Canyon
Dinner- Bush braai- steak, wors & pap
Photograph- Desert horses early morning.
Desert landscapes with instruction en-route.
Sesriem Canyon and rock formations, local Koi kids and more. Find spot in desert and do some star photography painting the landscape with light, tutored workshop.

Treading a sea of sand
Sunday 05h30: Coffee, rusks & cereals
Drive to Sossus Vlei
Lunch- Cold meats, cheese & bread rolls
Visit Dead Vlei in afternoon, Dune 45 and Elim dune for sunset
Dinner- Chicken potjie
Photograph- Sunrise in the desert - Namib desert's red dunes at Sossus Vlei at first light - Dead Vlei scapes with ‘get close and shoot wide’ instruction - dune 45 and Elim Dune in late afternoon - sunset in desert - more sun trails and star photography painting with light.

DAY 5-7 Wed 29 June - Sat 2 July
Vioolsdrif to Luderitz (500km)
To the ocean
Wednesday 06h00: Coffee, rusks & cereals. Take down camp.
Lunch- at Aus on restaurant stoep for own pocket.
Look out for the world's only surviving
desert horses at Garub Pan.
Pass Kolmanskop on left & enter Luderitz
Pitch camp on Shark Island.
Visit and eat at local eat-outs (Legends Pub) for own pocket.
Photograph- Aus and its people. Desert horses.
Sunset light tower and Luderitz Harbour from Shark Island.
The round tour
Thursday 06h00: Coffee, rusks & cereals
Drive to Diaz Point past the
oyster farm to the lagoon,
drive further for colonies of seals,
penguins, etc. Grosse Bucht (Big Bay), Griffin Bay, Conception Bay, etc.
Lunch- hamburgers & fruit en-route
Dinner- curie, rice and salad.

Photograph- Diaz Point & Diaz Cross, various small harbours. Instruction on shooting for monochrome scapes. Time exposures on seascapes and shooting seascapes after sunset.

The most famous ghost town
Friday 06h00: Coffee, rusks & cereals
Early morning visit to Kolmanskop
Tea and snacks at Kolmans for own pocket
Lunch: Fish braai on beach at camp
Back to Kolmanskop
Dinner- cold meats, breads, cheese and wine. Prepare camp for early getaway
Photograph- Kolmanskop: in morning- instruction on HDR and HDR experimentation, in afternoon available light portraiture and structure photos at sunset. More night shots of Luderitz.


VSS Creative Photo and Art College - namibia trip 2016



Henties (200km)


DAY 10-13 Mon 4 July - Fri 8 July
Sesriem - Swakopmund (360km)
Into the mountains to the sea
Monday 05h30: Coffee, rusks and cereals
Drive through Khomas Hochland/Naukluft Park, Kuiseb Pass, stopover at rock arch, Walfish bay to Swakopmund
Brunch at solitaire- hamburgers.
Stop for refreshment at Rock Arch and drinks at Walvis Bay sea restaurant.. Book into Chalets for next 4 days (Swakopmund)
Dinner- Visit traditional German seaside restaurants (own account).
Photograph- Elim dune at sunrise - Solitaire’s spirit - many landscapes en-route including mountains (Gaub & Kuiseb Pass) and stopover at Rock Arch - Swakop at night.

The German village on the sea
Tuesday 08h00: Hearty English Breakfast
Explore Swakop and relax on the beach, perhaps some volleyball . . . Visit the museum, cheese and beer tasting and much more entertainment this holiday village has to offer.
Lunch- Burgers on the beach.
Afternoon fishing (tackle and fishing rods will be supplied or you could bring your own along). Sunset stroll on jetty and on beach.
Dinner- Fish Braai.
Photograph- German buildings in Swakop - land art installations on beach with instruction - fishing, seabirds at sunset instruction on action of birds taking fish.

Lagoon, birds, salt and desert
Wednesday 07h00: English Breakfast
Drive to Walvis Bay for Dolphin Boat Cruise to Bird Island and to Walvis Bay lagoon, accompanied by pelicans and seagulls that fly alongside your boat, passing a myriad of flamingoes (wait for some of them to take off to reveal the beautiful dark pink of the feathers underneath their wings) The trip includes delicious snacks and drinks.
Lunch- Hot dogs at Dune 7, biggest dune in the world with optional sand boarding.
Do a short desert trip in search of the Welwitschia.
Dinner- Lasagne Christine style.
Photograph-Birds in flight, a myriad of flamingoes - Walvis Bay from the sea. The salt mines and then the scarce living fossil, the Welwitschia.

Henties (200km)
Fun in the sun
Thursday 06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Trip along beach to Henties Bay, fishing for the eager fisherman or just relaxing on the beach.
Lunch- Fish braai
Drive to Langstrand and shipwreck for fun on the beach and fishing, desert quad biking optional.
Dinner- night out in town, Restaurant etc. (own account).
Photograph- Seascapes, old boats, fishermen and birds action in sunset - land art - as well as shipwreck sunsets with photo instruction on time-exposures and HDR. Funky 'orb' photography on beach and at jetty.



VSS Creative Photo and Art College - namibia trip 2016.html


VSS Creative Photo and Art College - photo clubs  2016 x9

DAY 17&18 Mon 11 July - Wed 13 July
Mariental Mata Mata (Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park) (300km)
Into the real Kalahari
Monday 08h00 English breakfast.
Travel the dirt roads of ‘Boesmanland’ to Kgalagadii Trans frontier Park crossing into South Africa at Mata Mata and set up camp.
Dinner- Braai (pepper steak and baked potatoes)
Photograph- the arid ‘Boesmanland’ - sunset and stars at Mata Mata camp.
Mata Mata (Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park) (100km)
Where the lion sleeps
Tuesday 05h30 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Early morning game drive in search of the bat-eared fox and other smaller animals, but not turning a blind eye on the bigger predators.
Lunch at camp- Hamburgers.
Afternoon and sunset game drive in search of the predators but not ignoring the raptors above.
Dinner- Chicken curie potjie and veggies
Photograph- opportunity for photographing in one of the world's most sought after wildlife destinations. From small bat-eared foxes and their friend, the meerkat, to the majestic lion, leopard, cheetah and their prey, but not ignoring the raptors.

VSS Creative Photo and Art College - namibia trip 2016

DAY 14&15 Fri 8 July - Sun 10 July
Swakopmund - Daan Viljoen (Windhoek) (400km)
The landscape route to the capital
Friday 05h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Drive to Daan Viljoen holiday resort via Spitskoppen. Short game drive at Daan Viljoen.
Brunch- boerewors hot dogs at Spitskoppen
Visit Spitskoppen Community Center and Monolith. Drive to Daan Viljoen and set up camp. Go for game-drive with sunset champagne,
Dinner- Bushveld braai.
Photograph- Landscapes at the picturesque Spitskoppen and interesting rural photos at community center - road scenes on trip and wildlife on game drive at Daan Viljoen - water birds at dam.

Wildlife and the capital
Saturday 06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Early morning game drive in game park.
Brunch at camp - Mexican mix
Visit Windhoek tourist area and end the day at world famous 'Joes Beer House' for a Saturday night in the capital (own account).
Lunch- Cold meats, cheese, salads and fresh buns
Photograph- The Christus Kirche, Alte Feste . . . in central Windhoek - road scenes on trip and wildlife on game drive.

VSS Creative Photo and Art College - namibia trip 2016


DAY 21 Fri 15 - Sat 16 July
Twee Rivieren- Witsand (400km)
Into the Karoo
Friday 05h30 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Pack and leave for Witsand
Brunch- at Spur in Upington (own account)
Settle into bungalows at Witsand nature reserve. Game drive and visit dunes.
Dinner- Best meal (voted) of trip to be repeated.
Photograph- Animals such as springbuck, gemsbok (oryx), bat-eared fox and many more. Guided dune photography in late afternoon with emphasis on detail and composition. Star trails and star photography at its best.
Witsand - Pretoria (750km)
Back home
Saturday 06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Regrettable trip back to the so-called civilization.
Lunch- at restaurant en-route (own budget)


DAY 19&20 Wed 13 July - Fri 15 July
Mata Mata to Twee Rivieren (120km)
Where the raptor feeds
Wednesday 05h30: Coffee, rusks and cereals
Drive scenic game-drive route to Twee Rivieren and visit water holes and lookout points.
Lunch- hot dogs and snacks en-route.
Dinner- Chicken Braai.
Photography- traveling the road from Mata Mata to Twee Rivieren is one long game drive with wildlife all along the way. This road is perhaps the most productive wildlife viewing stretch in southern Africa. This route passes numerous water holes which almost guarantees game coming to drink, especially during the dry season.
Twee Rivieren (Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park) (100km)
Where the wild is king
Friday 05h30: Coffee, rusks and cereals
Early morning game drive in search of the lion famous for prowling in this region, however, in the wild nothing is guaranteed, we might find springbuck interaction and perhaps a cheetah kill and more.
Lunch at camp- Cold meats and salads.
Afternoon and sunset game drive, we now try to focus on capturing movement.
Dinner- Bushveld braai (mixed grill)
Photograph- attention to the small mammals playing and the birds also frequenting the campsite. Focus in afternoon is on capturing movement photographing from hides with instruction.

Day 3&4 Mon 27 June -Wed 29 June
Augrabies - Orange River (Namibia) (430km)
North cape into Namibia and river adventure
Monday: 06h00: Coffee & rusks & cereals, take down camp.
Picnic at Pela.
A drink at Pofadder - Lunch (hamburgers) at Springbok
Cross into Namibia and Pitch camp at lodge on River bank.
Dinner - Lasagne
Tuesday: 08h00: English breakfast
River rafting on Orange river. (Lunch parcel)
Dinner– Chicken braai & veggies.

Photograph- Pela and its church (a mini cathedral built from an encyclopedia) - Northern Cape scapes en-route - River rafting and Orange River scapes.

DAY 16 Sun 10 July - Mon 11 July
Daan Viljoen to Mariental (300km)
Heading to Boesmanland
Sunday 06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Early morning game drive in game park.
Snacks at camp while taking down camp.
Drive to Mariental guest house via Rehoboth.
Hamburgers at Rehoboth
Dinner- Roast and veggies at guest house in Mariental
Photograph- Road scenes on trip and wildlife on game drive.