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......VSS's iconic photo trip of all trips 25 June - 16 July 2018

Day 1 Friday 29 June
Pretoria-Augrabies (920km)
Depart 05h00.
Breakfast: Parcel on road.
Lunch: Picnic on the road.
Visit Oranje Rivier Wine Cellars. 
Arrive Augrabies ± 17h00.
Pitch camp & visit waterfall.
Dinner: Bobotie & Salad.
Photograph- Kakamas wine farms/farmworkers & unique waterwheels lifting water into higher channels. Locals around Kakamas become rowdy on Friday afternoons which often allow for the opportunistic PJ photo. Augrabies Waterfall late afternoon. Photo guidance; settings and lenses.
View and discuss photos.

Day 2 Saturday 30 June
Augrabies (150km)
06h00: Coffee, Rusks & Cereals
Visit Oranjekom, Echo Corner,
The Fountain, Moon Rock & more.
Lunch: En-route Hamburger braai.
Game-drive for wild life.
Prepare camp for early getaway.
Dinner: Bush braai Sosaties and Prego rolls.
Photograph- Landscapes, travel, quiver trees, rock formations, aloes and other desert plants. Posing ground squirrel and some antelope, photograph man in big landscape. Photo guidance; composing the landscape working with polarisers and small app. Using tripods for maximum sharpness (depth of field) and considering monochrome images. Get away from the 5-foot-six syndrome.
View and discuss photos.

Day 3 Sunday 1 July
Augrabies - Amanzi River Camp (550km)
05h30 Coffee & Rusks
Snacks at Pella
Lunch- Springbok (own account)*
Enter Namibia- Vioolsdrif/Noordoewer
Drive next to Orange river to Amanzi River Camp
Pitch camp
Dinner: Cold meats and salad.
Photograph- Landscapes, this route takes us from Karoo to Namaqualand, and along the Orange river (Richtersveld). Pella Cathedral and its people. Travel photography with guidance on get close and shoot wide. Perhaps some early spring flowers of these semi desert areas.
View and discuss photos.

Day 4 Monday 2 July
Amanzi River Camp
07h00 Coffee and rusks.
River rafting adventure (for beginners) with picnic on adventure
Lunch: Hamburgers at camp.
Dinner- Curry potjie and salad
Photograph- Orange river from canoe and at stop points, Richtersveld landscapes. Great sunsets from camp lookout. Instruction; water action, settings and taking care of camera in adverse conditions.
View and discuss photos.

Day 5 Tuesday 3 July
Amanzi River Camp - Luderitz (450km)
05h30: Coffee, Rusks & Cereals
Through Richtersveld to Sendelingsdrift.
Picnic (Hotdogs on Orange river)
Through Huib-Hoch Plateau to Aus
Lunch on stoep of Aus Hotel (own account)*
Look out for the world's only surviving
desert horses at Garub Pan.
Pass Kolmanskop on left & enter Luderitz
Pitch camp on Shark Island.
Dinner: BBQ/Peri-peri chicken, rice & veggies.
Photograph- Richterveld landscapes in morning, Kolmanskop from road, sunset from Shark Island.– multi expose for panoramas. Aus and its people and perhaps some desert horses. Photo instruction on exposing to stitch wide panoramas.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 6 Wednesday 4 July
Luderitz (100km)
And Kolmanskop, the most famous ghost town
06h00: Coffee, Rusks & Cereals
Early morning visit to Kolmanskop
Lunch- Fish-braai on beach at camp
Back to Kolmanskop
Dinner- Potjie with veggies
Photograph- Kolmanskop: in morning- in afternoon (back to Kolmanskop) available light portraiture and structure photos at sunset. More night shots of Luderitz. Photo instruction on HDR and HDR experimentation.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 7 Thursday 5 July
The round tour
06h00: Coffee, Rusks & cereals
Drive to Diaz Point past the
oyster farm to the lagoon,
drive further for colonies of seals,
penguins etc. Grusse Bucht (Big Bay), Griffin Bay, Conception Bay, etc. There are numerous small bays and inlets on the rocky coastline many of which have evocative names such as Griffin Bay and Conception Bay.
Lunch: Pregos en-route
Prepare camp for early getaway
Dinner & music at Barrels (own pocket)*
Photograph- Diaz Point & Diaz Cross various small harbours. Instruction on shooting for monochrome scapes, Time exposures on seascapes and shooting seascapes after sunset.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 8 Friday 6 July
Luderitz - Sesriem (465km)
Into the desert
05h30 Coffee, Rusks & Cereals
Treading a sea of sand
Before sunrise seascapes and then to Garub Pan in search of the mysterious ‘Wild Horses of the Namib’.
Lunch: Picnic en-route
Pitch camp at Sesriem 
Visit Sesriem canyon
Dinner: Bush braai and braaibroodjies
Photograph- Desert horses’ early morning. Desert landscapes with instruction en-route. Sesriem Canyon, local Koi kids and more. Instruction on composition.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 9 Saturday 7 July
Sesriem - Sossus Vlei - Sesriem  (120km)
05h30 Coffee, Rusks & Cereals
Drive to Sossus parking area, then with 4X4 to Sossusvlei
Lunch: Picnic at Sossus
Visit Deadvlei in afternoon. Dune 45 and Elim dune for sunset
Dinner: Chicken potjie and salads
Photograph- Sunrise in the desert - Namib desert's red dunes at Sossusvlei at first light - Dead Vlei scapes with ‘get close and shoot wide’ instruction - dune 45 and Elim Dune in late afternoon - sunset in desert - star photography painting with light. Instruction on time exposures and settings.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 10 Sunday 8 July
Sesriem - Swakopmund (360km)
Into the mountans to the sea
05h30 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Drive through Khomas Hochland/Naukluft Park, Kuiseb pass, Walvis Bay to Swakopmund
Picnic at Rock Arch.
Drinks at Walvis sea restaurant (own pocket)*
Pitch camp at Alte Brüke luxury camp-site (Swakopmund)
Dinner- Cheese and wine.
Photograph- Elim dune at sunrise - Solitaire’s spirit - many landscapes en-route including mountains (Gaub & Kuiseb Pass) and stop-over at rock arch. Instruction on abstract forms and camera movement.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 11 Monday 9 July
Swakopmund (100km)
The German village on the sea
08h00 - Hearty English Breakfast
Explore Swakop and relax on the beach. Visit the museum, cheese and beer tasting and much more entertainment this holiday village has to offer.
Lunch- in village (own account) or snacks at camp.
Afternoon to Langstrand, dunes and sundowner at shipwreck.
Dinner- Roast veggies and salads.
Photograph- German buildings in Swakop - land art installations on beach - fishing, seabirds at sunset instruction on action of birds taking fish.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 12 Tuesday 10 July
Walvis Bay area (200km)
Lagoon, birds, salt and desert
07h00 English Breakfast
Drive to Walvis Bay for a dune day with sandboarding etc.
Lunch- Picnic at Dune 7, biggest dune in the world with optional sandboarding.
Do some 4x4 at Sandwich Harbour
Do a short desert trip in search of the Welwitschia.
Back to Swakop
Dinner- at Brewer and Butcher (own account)*
Photograph-Birds in flight, a myriad of flamingoes - Walvis. The salt mines and then the scarce living fossil, the Welwitschia. Desert dunes. Instruction on panning and exposure – working on the edge of the blur.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 13 Wednesday 11 July
Swakopmund - Spitskoppen (200km)
Back to the desert
06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Pack for camping at Spitskoppen.
Early morning drive to Henties Bay
Brunch at Henties (own pocket)*
Into the desert to Spitskoppen.
Set up camp.
Dinner- Bush braai, pap and salads.
Photograph- Rock formations/rock scapes. Spectacular sunsets. Night falls display ‘awesome’ stars and galaxies they stretch from horizon to horizon, shimmering in the dry air, unfettered by light pollution or air pollution. Instruction on star photography, star-trails and a bit more on paint with light.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 14 Thursday 12 July
Spitskoppen – Windhoek (Monteiro guestrooms and tents) (300km)
06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Early hike in Spitskoppen
Lunch: The world renown Joe’s Pub, Windhoek (own account)*
Short tour of Windhoek
Book in at Monteiro guestrooms and tents
Dinner – Lasagne and sweets.
Photography- Sunrise in the desert, The Christus Kirche, Alte Feste in central Windhoek. Landscapes, sunsets, birds at Monteiro. Instruction- work in manual with available light meter readings.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 15 Friday 13 July
Monteiro - Mata Mata  (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park)  (570km)
06h00 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Lunch- Die Kooperasie Kroeg en Kos - Mariental (own account)*
Into Boesmanland to Mata Mata.
Dinner: Bushveld braai, garlic buns and salad
Pitch camp at Mata Mata.
Photograph- Road scenes on trip, Boesmanland scapes. Small mammals and sunset at Mata Mata. Instruction on low angles and short depth of field, position for lighting.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 16 Saturday 14 July
Mata Mata to Twee Rivieren (120km)
Where the lion sleeps
05h30 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Drive scenic game-drive route to Twee Rivieren and visit waterholes and lookout points.
Lunch- Picnic en-route
Dinner- Curry and rice
Photography- traveling the road from Mata Mata to Twee Rivieren is one long game drive with wildlife all along the way. This road is perhaps the most productive wildlife viewing stretch in southern Africa. This route passes numerous waterholes which almost guarantees game coming to drink, especially during the dry season.
View and discuss photos.

DAY 17 Sunday 15 July
Twee Rivieren (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park) (100km)
Where the lion sleeps
05h30 Coffee, rusks and cereals
Early morning game drive in search of the lion famous for prowling in this region, however, in the wild nothing is guaranteed, we might find springbuck interaction and at best a cheetah kill and more.
Lunch at camp- Cold meats and salads.
Afternoon and sunset game drive, we now try to focus on capturing movement.
Dinner- voted best meal of trip
Photograph- attention to the small mammals playing and the birds also frequenting the campsite. Focus in afternoon is on capturing movement photographing from hides. Instruction on exposing 360 degrees of sunset.
Prepare for early getaway

DAY 18 Monday 16 July
Mata Mata - Pretoria (950km)
Back home
05h00 Coffee, rusks and go
Picnic on road
Lunch: Food court Ventersdorp (own account)*

This all inclusive trip combines of the best African travel adventure with amazing photo opportunities and hands-on photo instruction from Hein Waschefort assisted by VSS students

all photos below taken on VSS safaris to Namibia by students and lecturers - Trip caters for VSS students, and limited number of friends and 'outside' photographers (please read at bottom).

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Trip includes:

Meeting with all photographers 3 months (March) prior to departure to discuss equipment, dietary requirements and other matters.


Tour estimate:
Passenger photographer – R12,600 (subject to the price of fuel at the time)
Self-drive photographer – R9,300


R3000 immediately to finalise reservations (accommodation) made.
Balance before departure.
Deposits will be fully refunded should you cancel at least 3 months before departure. Since we can only take 16 photographers (including students) on this trip there is very limited space and historically there are numbers of photographers who gladly take places of cancelations. Deposit ensures reservations as per itinerary.


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