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21-24 September - Join us for the weekend or just for a day

A photographic excursion to Botshabelo, a historical village situated 5km from Middelburg.

Photography of models in contemporary settings, this will be an exclusive creative glamour and nude photography workshop with emphasis on art photography- glamour and nude including body scapes and working hard at including a body paint workshop and shoot.

Available light with 'real time' fill-light. Guided instruction on sets.
Shoots will take place in- and outdoors, using the contemporary architecture, ruins, nature and interiors including a mobile indoor studio.
This is an exclusive event and photographers will be limited booking is absolutely essential (see below).

Top models, costumes, professional hairdresser, make-up artist, stylist, special effects, venue, photo instruction, out of this world catering, for the weekend or pop in for a day.


Friday 21 September

Saturday 23 September

Sunday 23 September

Masterclass will be led by Hein Waschefort

R2 000 all inclusive- Accommodation, meals and snacks, model fees and releases hands on guidance.

R1 000 For day visitor, includes: meals and snacks, model fees and releases hands on guidance.

Film and film cameras are available from VSS for photographers wishing to explore the retro side of real photography. Hein will assist and guide on analogue photography throughout weekend.

Photographers will be limited - early booking essential! (deposit ensures place) Banking details: Visual Skills School Cheque account, Absa, Branch code: 632005 Account no: 4067624782
Bookings: Christine at - [email protected]



Botshabelo - glamour weekend 21-24 Sep.

Most unique shoots ever planned for Botshabelo

Going BETTER and BETTER photo event PRESENTED BY VSS and Hein Waschefort