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Course includes:

Introduction to the creative visual world:
Introduction to modern concepts and planning of events/shoots of this intensive creative course.
16:00   Understanding modern art in juxtaposition with photography.
18:00   Short break followed with; updated concepts on colour and design in art and photography.
19:00   Cheese and wine
20:00   Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, Expressionism and Super realism explained and explored with reference to photo techniques, manipulation and post processing (Photoshop) for course projects.
Introduction to land art.
Brief on early morning exploration shoot for day 2.

An intensive theoretical and practical course on creative photography dealing with a number of genres. This course is also a further step to a recognised part qualification in Photography (a recognised sertificate with a number of NQF  points will be issued on completion of course and projects).

This is an advance photography course therefore delegates should have a good knowledge of photography and have a fair understanding of Photoshop and Lightroom.


Hein Waschefort-Nieu Bethesda 3

Hein Waschefort-Nieu Bethesda 2

Hein Waschefort-Nieu Bethesda 4

Hein Waschefort-Nieu Bethesda 5


At NIEU BETHESDA - Presented by Hein Waschefort (assisted by VSS students)

Sunday - 6:00 - 22:00

Friday 16h00 onwards


Equipment to consider:
Camera and perhaps an extra body
Lenses: From wide angle to 200mm and macro if you have.
Flash: On camera flash can work, external flash recommended.
Filters: ND 8x or higher and/or a ‘Big Stopper’, polariser
Reflector: if you have

Lots of imagination and memory cards with fully charged batteries.
Some good wine.

SATURDAY - 6:00 - 22:00

Course fee:

Monday Full day - 6:00-22:00

Hein Waschefort

Full day instruction:
06:00 Coffee and rusks followed by; exploration photo shoot in and around the village with instruction on panorama and HDR photography.
09:00 Buffet breakfast
10:00 Photoshop: Understanding and using channels for creative effect
11:00 Shoot multiples with models in environment for use in channel mixing for creative results in post processing.
12:00 Work with selective channels, manipulate and create post modern images.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Cubism to Abstract philosophy and approach. A look at artists and photographers.
15:30 Short break (tea or...) followed by guided shoot in village working with various light inputs. Late afternoon available light portraits in and around village. Twilight to after dark at cemetery (using paint by light and other lighting effects) with models.
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Unpacking Hein’s creative guide toolbox. Shooting space, texture, shape, colour and shadow. A touch of Street Photography with video.

Full day instruction:
06:00 Coffee and rusks followed by; shooting space, texture, shape, colour and shadow in village.
09:00 Buffet breakfast
10:00 Owl House, introducing multi-view photography at Owl House. Again exploiting space, texture, shape, colour and shadow as reference for creative photography.
12:00 Photoshop: Optimising workflow; understanding and using the histogram; perfect exposure using incident readings and/or grey card; the zone system.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Impressionism and post Impressionism the philosophy and vision. On camera filters, Photoshop (creative) filters and shooting and creating optimal texture references including rain.
15:30 Short break (tea or...) followed by street photography shoot in village with special attention to space and micro and macro composition. Take reference textures. Twilight to after dark; indoor romantic settings working with models using available light and found light.
19:30 Dinner
21:00 Guided night photography in village using mixed light sources, including star trails at church.

Full day instruction:
06:00 Coffee and rusks followed photography in and around village with a touch of green screen
09:00 Buffet breakfast
10:00 Photoshop on layers and grids for Cubist multi imagery.
11:00 Manipulating reference textures in layers using filters and blending modes. Create colour screens in layers.
12:00 Photoshop: Advanced multi layers and extreme masking.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Evaluating and suggesting creative options/fixes from delegates work during masterclasses.
15:30 Short break (tea or...) Question and answer session.
20:00 Hein’s famous snoek braai and lots of fun to conclude our days spend together.


The Portfolio of Evidence: Guide to earn credits on the NQF: VSS Advanced
Photography SAQA ID: 336095; 336094 equals 20 credits on the NQF
SAQA ID: 336095: Contextualise and pre-visualise photographic images Credits: 12
SAQA ID: 336094: Render photographic images with digital editing software Credits: 8

Participants are limited and booking is essential: Booking and more info: [email protected]