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Course includes:

Hein Waschefort 2

All about flash

  1. Colour and colour temperature
  2. Flash power and speed
  3. Camera curtain sync

Studio lighting

  1. Studio lighting
  2. Other lighting fittings and  accessories.
  3. Studio portrait evaluation
  4. Broad and short lighting
  5. Basic studio lighting positions (the portrait studio clock)

Creative portrait styles and techniques

  1. Visit the old masters, discuss and plan shoots inspired by the masters
  2. Preparation for rest of course
  3. Equipment
  4. Props
  5. Contemporary and modern portraitur
  6. Discussion and show

On location (theme) photography
Visual show (after dinner) to stimulate creative thinking
. Plan multi-model shoot in groups.

An intensive theoretical and practical course on studio and on location photography dealing with all aspects of PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY this course is also a first step to a recognised part qualification in Photography. This course provides the know-how for photographers wanting to go into professional studio & outdoor people photography and also for serious amateurs wanting to set-up and use a photo studio optimally.

Participants are limited and booking is essential



Ballito - Kwa Zulu Natal - Presented by Hein Waschefort (assisted by VSS students) VSS Photo and Design College-

Sunday - FULL DAY at Salt Rock Hotel Ballito

Friday 16h00 onwards at Salt Rock Hotel - Ballito


Hein Waschefort-make-up

Hein Waschefort 5

Hein Waschefort 4

Equipment to consider:
Camera of course, also remember 'green screen' can be used in video.
Lenses:  Kit lens 18-55 (for crop factor) can be used but a good 24-70 would be better
The  standard 50mm f1.8/1.4 will be of great value at this shoot.
100mm macro if you have.
80-200mm could be useful on a few occasions.
Camera flash
Reflectors if you have
Props, if you feel you have some that will add to the genres of the shoots.

Lots of imagination and memory cards with fully charged batteries.

SATURDAY - FULL DAY at Gavin Higgens Studio - Ballito


  1. Assessing the Face shape
  2. Illusions
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. Demonsration using make-up similar to 'The starter photography make-up kit'*

Studio photography

Practical shoot portraits with following lighting positions

  1. Paramount-lighting
  2. Loop-lighting
  3. Rembrandt or 45° lighting
  4. Split lighting
  5. Profile or rim lighting
  6. Advanced creative lighting
  7. Shoot using smoke and kicker flash and colour gels
  8. Shoot using bubbles and other translucent materials

Portrait techniques
Visual show (after dinner) to stimulate creative thinking


Course fee:

Multi Model Shoot

  1. Outdoor lighting techniques
  2. Fill in flash
  3. Freeze movement
  4. Capture movement
  5. Multi model Shoot

Multi Model Shoot
Practical -On location theme photography

  1. Direct & shoot multi model photo setup
  2. Direct lighting
  3. Manage wardrobe & props
  4. Make-up & hair
  5. Special effects
  6. Movement
  7. Multi image
  8. Fill-in flash
  9. Tungsten flood

After dark
Portraits - paint by light

Special lighting techniques and multi image

Monday Full day Photoshop or 16h00 onwards at Salt Rock Hotel Ballito

Lightroom & Photoshop
on own photos:

  1. Workflow from lightroom to Photoshop vignette, clarity and exposure using auto mask in Lightroom
  2. Work with 'clever' layers and styles in Photoshop
  3. Advanced layer editing and cloning on selective fields
  4. Photoshop: advanced filters and textures on layers and introducing a touch of colour (a great new technique)
  5. Selective soft focus and skin rendering my way


Photos from recent Intensive Portrait Course in PE

Hein Waschefort-portraits 1

Hein Waschefort-portraits 2

Hein Waschefort-portraits 3

Hein Waschefort-bikers