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VSS CREATIVE virtual photo club - (From the Constitution)

  1. The rules:
    1. Membership:
      1. Membership is free
      2. Should you wish to join VSS Creative and get registered on the data base with an ID /membership card follow instructions on the JOIN page click here.
    1. Monthly competition;
      1. 12 monthly competitions will be held per year running from January to December.
      2. Monthly competition entries will be received from the the previous month.
      3. Monthly entries will close on the last day of the month.
      4. Permanent staff of  VSS are not allowed to participate.
    1. Winning entries:
      1. The best 10 photos, of each section, every month (TOP 10) will be permanently published on the official VSS CREATIVE VIRTUAL CLUB web site, with applicable key wording to be recognized by Google search engines (will be updated soon).
      2. TOP 10 will be published on the VSS CREATIVE Face Book group.
      3. TOP 10 will automatically be featured in the “VSS CREATIVE Best of Year” glossy table top photography book (working hard at making this vision financially possible).
      4. TOP 10 will come into consideration for “Best of Year” photos which will each be published on a full page and be rewarded with prizes and trophies.
    1. Judging:
      1. Judging will be coordinated by VSS and Staff and or external judges will be used every month.
      2. Results will be available within following month of competition month.
      3. End of year judging will be done by an external panel of professional photographers and PSSA accredited judges.
    1. Manipulation rules:
      1. See rules for categories (on left).
    1. Medium;
      1. Only digital images will be accepted.
      2. Images must not exceed 2 megabyte as compressed  jpeg.
      3. 1024 x 768 pixel image in sRGB is a fair standard but is not compulsory.
      4. Larger images will be needed for publication of book
    1. Entries;
      1. Entries must reach VSS before the closing date announced on facebook each month to be eligible for that particular month
      2. No image may be entered more than once.
      3. Good entries not winning will roll over to next month for consideration
      4. Entry must preferably have-
        1.  a prefix abbreviation with sequence number (category i.e. AG1- (see par. 4 for prefixes)) ending with dash (-)
        2. Authors name ending with dash (-)
        3. Title  ending with dash (-)
        4. Authors membership number
      5. Sample of  digital image title-  AG1-Joe Soap-Man From Mars-A0001


  1. Categories (See on left)
  1. Committee:
    1. Committee shall consist of the permanent staff of VSS as well as who they co-op as committee members.
    2. The chair shall be the principal of VSS or otherwise elected person by committee.


  1. “VSS CREATIVE Best of Year” glossy table top photography book - Vision -
    1. This book will represent the best images of the year and include the TOP 10 (50 photos, 10 from each category)
    2. Month winners of each category will be a full-page feature, runner up’s 2nd and 3rd will share a page and the balance will be displayed over 2 pages.
    3. The book will be published by Razor Publishers and registered at the National Public Library.
    4. This book will attempt to be one of the biggest to show-case creative photography internationally.
  1. Disclaimer and Copy rights:
    1. By virtue of entering this competition rights are given to VSS to publish the images entered.
    2. By virtue of submitting an entry, the photographer certifies the work as his/her own.
    3.  The entered material may be used free of charge for publication or display in media related to VSS CREATIVE, including posting on the web site and Face Book (par. 3c). And in the “VSS CREATIVE Best of Year” glossy table top photography book.
    4.  Great care will be taken to protect the authors’ intellectual property, however, this club cannot assume liability of any misuse of copyright.
    5.  The use of the images shall be restricted  to above mentioned display and printing.
    6. Although we do not wish to put any restrictions on creativity, images of a strong pornographic nature will be disqualified, as well as blatant promotional images of political or religious nature.


......Rules for categories

Monthly winners will be chosen from previous monthly entries. Entries will be received throughout month and closing date is the last day of the month.

Entries can be: e-mailed to or posted on Face Book group

'VSS CREATIVE virtual camera club'


  1. VSS CREATIVE distinguishes amongst 5 digital categories