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VSS CREATIVE virtual photo club is an international creative photography club allowing all photographers to compete.

VSS CREATIVE is not a substitute to your current club, it is a add-on club, where you can test your creative skills against some of the best photographers in the world. The ultimate reward is of course to have your work published in what might be one of the biggest annual creative coffee-table photography books in the world.

Creative photos are continuously uploaded onto our facebook page for all members to comment and appreciate, some of these photos also end up as TOP 10 contestants for the month.

Our motto is:

'Expose and get exposed'

VSS CREATIVE virtual photo club - (from the Constitution)

  1. Mission Statement:
    1. VSS CREATIVE virtual photo club (VSS CREATIVE) is to advance the photographic skills and creativity of its members throughout South Africa across all cultural borders and internationally.
    2. To stimulate innovation and creativity in photography.  To this end VSS CREATIVE reaches out to all amateur and professional photographers in SA to participate and stimulate creative photography.
    3. To make it affordable to all to competitively participate in the creative photography genres.
    4. This initiative is in keep with Visual Skills School photography and art college’s (VSS) outreach program. 

      VSS endeavours to bring education to the people, rather than expect the people to come to education. By so doing Visual Skills School aims at contributing to give effect to everyone's Constitutional right to “further education” (Article 29(1)(b) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996).


    VSS is affiliated to the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) and registered as a photographic club with PSSA.




VSS CREATIVE virtual photo club has a sound competition platform and all TOP 10 winners of all 5 categories since our first day in December 2012 are published and will always be displayed on our web-site (follow the TOP 10 buttons).

This is not a salon it is much bigger.