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...How to enter

  1. Entry must have a prefix abbreviation with sequence number (category i.e. AG1-) ending with dash (-)
    1. Prefixes are:
      1. Avant-garde: (prefix AG)
      2. Human Portrait: (prefix HP)
      3. Pictorial/Open: (prefix PO)
      4. Creative Nature: (prefix CN)
      5. Creative Photo Journalism: (prefix PJ)
  2. Authors name ending with dash
  3. Title  ending with dash
  4. Authors membership number

Sample of  digital image title-  AG1-Joe Soap-Man From Mars-A0001
Always a good idea to give a short description with photo, this request will be put to you in the event that should your photo be a TOP 10 photo

  1. go to VSS CREATIVE group (only members will be allowed to post)
  2. Go to Add Photo and create a photo album, download the images and give above information at “about Photo” with every image.
  3. Should you make a mistake you can always edit afterwards by clicking on photo and then on pencil at top right.
  4. Once again a short description will be a good idea


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