visual skills school creative photography


Membership ID cards as below are R100-00 each (including posting)

By ordering this ID (membership) card you will be entered as an official VSS creative member on Visual Skills School's data base. A registered membership number will be issued and your TOP 10 winning photographs will be considered for the hard copy publication (this publication is costly and we are still working on meeting the financial obligations for its production).

VSS Creative Virtual Club needs money for:

Ac name: Visual Skills School

Bank: ABSA

Branch Code: 632005

Ac Type: Current

Ac Number: 406 7624 782

membership card

The card is (front and back above) similar to that of VSS students and has proven helpful to gain access and permission to photograph in shopping malls, etc. Students have also been successful in getting better spots for photography at music concerts.

This card does however not guarantee any free access or permission, it is a handy tool to identify yourself as a serious photographer.

To obtain this ID (membership) card:

Card in pocket with clip will take approximately 10 days to deliver

Neille Vorster - sample member card