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We use visual communication to navigate and understand the world. Packaging, signs, logos, bills, receipts, leaflets, books, mobile phones, appliances, advertisements . . .  to name but a few, are all examples of visual communication.

Any image that is used to communicate an idea, whether it's a sign, poster, drawing, photograph, or television advertisement, can be included in the field of visual communications. If you have a creative flair for visual media, you may be interested in pursuing an education and career in visual communications.

At its core, visual communications effectively uses images to persuade, entertain, inform, and enlighten an observing audience of products, ideas, and messages. Photographers, graphic designers, advertising designers, art directors and visual artists all utilise various forms of visual media to communicate their ideas to their desired audiences. Modern visual communicators know how to use various types of visual technology to create artistic images that communicate with the public.

Each qualification is a qualification on its own. VSS allows the creative student to choose between Photography or  Art and Design as a full year qualification. One or both these qualifications are, however, required for admission to the National Certificate: Interactive Media.

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